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Gateview Self Storage Terms & Conditions

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10x5 (10.0x5.0)

- 10' wide x 5' deep
- These units offer easy storage for those items you want to keep but just don't have room for at home!
- Comparable volume of storage: a walk-in closet

$45 / month

10x10 (10.0x10.0)

- 10' wide x 10' deep
- Our most popular unit - this is just the right size!
- Comparable volume of storage: a one bedroom apartment

$60 / month

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10x15 (10.0x15.0)

- 10' wide x 15' deep
- This unit is perfect when you just need a little extra storage space! The 10' door provides easy access.
- Comparable volume of storage: two bedroom house/apartment or small business inventory/equipment

$75 / month

Waiting List

10x20 (10.0x20.0)

- 10' wide x 20' deep
- Our best valued unit - get the most storage space for your money!
- Comparable volume of storage: three bedroom house/apartment or business inventory & files

$90 / month

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